Mission of Dream Home Lighting


     Dream Home Lighting is fully committed to delivering exceptional service. We bring to you a wide range of top quality, modern and uniquely designed fixtures that fit the budget of any home. We want our clients to keep coming back and we want to surprise them every time with our level of customer service and innovative ideas. We have a state of the art showroom to display our fixtures and really let the client feel the atmosphere. We would love you to come by and experience firsthand the level of design we offer.


Vision of Dream Home Lighting


I am Jerry Zhu

CEO of Dream Home Lighting Corporation

      I started my career as a home developer, which sparked my interest in lighting. I saw the lack of creativity and design in light fixtures and wanted to change it. I found that lighting and fixtures not only create a different environment, they really make the home. I strive to bring innovation and creativity into the home with something that so many overlooks. Let me create an environment you won't want to leave.



Jerry Zhu

Light up the darkness and light up our life.

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